Foreign VAT Refunds Guide from Luxembourg

The following information details the requirements needed to be eligible for a VAT refund in Luxembourg. These include claimable expense types, the Luxembourg VAT rates and deadlines, as well as claiming periods.

What Expenses are Claimable for VAT Refund in Luxembourg?

Hotel & Accommodation
0 %
0 %
Conf, Trade Shows & Expo
10 %
Public Transport
0 %
10 %
Marketing Costs
10 %
Professional Fees
10 %
Car Rental
10 %
Training, Courses & Seminar
10 %

What are the Luxembourg VAT Rates?

The VAT rates in Luxembourg are as follows:

Applies to mostly all goods and services.
• The reduced VAT rate of 8% applies to certain goods and services, such as food and non-alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals, and certain cultural services.

• The reduced VAT rate of 3% applies to certain goods and services, such as books, newspapers, and e-books.

• Luxembourg does not have a zero VAT rate.

How to Get VAT Refunds from Luxembourg for Your Business?

VAT Refunds Guide for EU Companies
VAT Refunds Guide for Non-EU Companies

Frequently Asked Questions About Luxembourg VAT Recovery

June 30 annually, within six months of the conclusion calendar year in which the tax was incurred.

It can take up to 6 months for EU businesses and 10 months for Non-EU businesses to get a VAT refund to be processed by the Luxembourg Tax Authority depending on complexity of the claim.

Need Help with Your VAT Refund from Luxembourg?

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