The Definitive Guide to Foreign VAT Recovery for Businesses in 2023

Discover all you need to know about VAT reclaims for business travel and activities in Europe, UAE, and Asian countries. Learn how technology is revolutionizing the VAT reclaim process, making it simpler and more efficient than ever before.

What’s in the guide?

Recovering international VAT expenses is the focus of this guide. Numerous businesses miss out on reclaiming millions in VAT payments, either by neglecting to pursue refunds or due to errors in their procedures. Navigating VAT expense recovery can be quite intricate, as each country eligible for VAT reclaims has its distinct regulations and processes.

This essential guide for businesses with international travel and expenses in Europe, UAE, and Asian countries will provide valuable insights into the complexities of VAT recovery, including:

  • Understanding VAT recovery eligibility criteria
  • Identifying qualifying business expenses for VAT recovery
  • Recognizing countries that provide VAT refunds
  • Exploring the VAT reclaim process and effective strategies
  • Avoiding common pitfalls in VAT recovery
  • Utilizing technology to simplify the VAT refund process
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