Foreign VAT Refunds Guide from Bulgaria

The following information details the requirements needed to be eligible for a VAT refund in Bulgaria. These include claimable expense types, the Austria VAT rates and deadlines, as well as claiming periods.

What Expenses are Claimable for VAT Refund in Bulgaria?

Hotel & Accommodation
10 %
10 %
Conf, Trade Shows & Expo
10 %
Public Transport
0 %
10 %
Marketing Costs
10 %
Professional Fees
10 %
Car Rental
10 %
Training, Courses & Seminar
10 %

What are the Bulgaria VAT Rates?

Bulgaria divides VAT rates into the following three categories:
Applies to all goods and services.
This rate applies to specific goods and services, such as hotel stays and the supply of books
Some exports, international transport of goods and passengers, and related services

How to Get VAT Refunds from Bulgaria for Your Business?

VAT Refunds Guide for EU Companies
VAT Refunds Guide for Non-EU Companies

Frequently Asked Questions About Bulgaria VAT Recovery

Companies established within the EU, including the Canary Islands and Monaco, have a deadline of 30 September. As for companies domiciled outside the EU, excluding the Canary Islands and Monaco, the deadline is 30 June.

All EU countries and Non-EU countries such as Canada, Japan, Iceland, Israel, Macedonia, Moldova, Norway, Republic of Korea, Serbia, Ukraine, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

VAT refunds are often processed within 6 months. However, the exact time may vary based on the complexity of the claim.

Need Help with Your VAT Refund from Bulgaria?

We have helped companies reclaim €200+ M in VAT refunds over the last eight years. Our expertise and technology allow us to process your refund quickly and automatically.

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