Domestic VAT Reclaim

Businesses can claim VAT recovery on domestic travel and expense (T&E) transactions including lodging, meals, entertainment, and so on. Although this is normally claimed monthly or quarterly, certain nations additionally permit you to claim VAT for previous local business trips.

Regular domestic VAT recovery gives your business a steady cash flow.

For large, international organisations, CB VAT automates and streamlines VAT compliance. We can assist you in meeting challenging tax deadlines in various currencies, managing your global VAT compliance for numerous entities and tax authorities, and streamlining global VAT filings and returns.

100% compliance is guaranteed by our use of knowledge-based technology and proficient VAT experts. Our global compliance technology solution provides complete visibility into all of your recent and ongoing international VAT operations.

Make your VAT Registration easy with CB VAT

Businesses that do international trade must register for VAT in various jurisdictions. Trade between different nations may have different registration procedures depending on the country.

This can be challenging to navigate if you don’t have any prior knowledge of the nation or language. Fulfilling your VAT Registration duties is quick and easy using CB VAT’s advanced technology solution for VAT Registration and Compliance.

Expertise on VAT Registrations

When your business grows outside of your nation of establishment, you must register and submit VAT returns there. Dealing with various tax authorities, VAT rates, and regional regulations is required. CB VAT can be useful in this situation.

We are pioneers in the field of VAT compliance technology and assist companies in effectively meeting their compliance requirements. We can help with determining the requirements for VAT registration as well as with the creation, submission, and payment of VAT returns via the platform. Enjoy the benefits of our innovative software, which gives you complete visibility into the status of your VAT return and an entirely automated end-to-end VAT return procedure. Contact us right away if your company needs help handling several VAT registrations across different jurisdictions.