Navigating 2023 VAT Recovery for European Corporate & Commercial Aviation Firms

The aviation industry faces many expenses that are not encountered by other industries, such as fuel taxes and value added tax. Only certain companies can recover these expenses. This chart provides details for EU-based corporate and commercial aviation VAT recovery.

What’s in the chart?

The aviation industry encounters unique expenses that are not typically experienced by other sectors, including fuel taxes and value-added tax (VAT). However, only specific companies are eligible to recover these costs. Our comprehensive chart offers crucial information on VAT recovery specifically tailored for EU-based corporate and commercial aviation businesses, helping them navigate the intricate landscape of reclaiming VAT expenses.

  • Targeted information for EU-based corporate and commercial aviation companies
  • A focus on unique expenses encountered in the aviation industry
  • Guidance on eligibility criteria for VAT recovery
  • A valuable resource for optimizing VAT reclaim strategies
  • Assistance in navigating the complex world of aviation VAT recovery
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