Effective management of cross-border VAT registrations requires a firm understanding of local laws as well as a cultural appreciation of how to best deal with the local tax authority and the linguistic skills to deal with local contacts and documentation. It can be expensive and inefficient to create all these capabilities in-house. CB VAT offers a simple, streamlined, highly cost-effective “global one stop shop solution” to solve this.


CB VAT can help businesses facing the need to register for VAT abroad by:

  • Initial technical reviews to confirm if a VAT registration is necessary
  • Taking you through the documentary requirements and managing the submission of these on your behalf
  • Preparation of all forms and submissions
  • A full translation service, where necessary
  • Advice and training on the consequences of local VAT registration, for instance the impact on local pricing, the compliance requirements for sustaining the VAT registration once it is accomplished, the requirements for changes to invoice templates if necessary

When required, we can offer a seamless transition to our VAT compliance outsourcing service where we submit VAT returns on your behalf and manage your relationship with the local tax authority on an ongoing basis. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can give you the skills and tools to do that in-house.

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