CB VAT are global specialists that provide international investors with a simple and seamless turnkey solution to recovering excess withholding taxes on foreign dividends.

 Countries impose withholding taxes on dividends paid to nonresidents because it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to collect the tax once the dividend has been paid. In order to avoid such situations, taxes are deducted from the dividend payment before it is paid to the investor. 

Historically a large portion of withholding taxes were seldom recovered due to a combination of complicated policies of foreign tax authorities and a minefield of complex procedures. However, when one takes into consideration that effective global tax reclamation can enhance the performance of a portfolio by upwards of 250 basis points or 2.5%, recovering withheld dividends can no longer be ignored.

Our thorough knowledge and understanding of complex international tax law, combined with our company’s extensive geographical footprint ensures that we resolve your specific claims both successfully and timeously.

With CB VAT you never lay out any money. Any fee charged is contingent and deducted from the successful recovery of dividends that were previously withheld. If we can’t recover you pay nothing!

The process to file a reclaim can be intricate, with distinct procedures, specific languages, filing requirements and cultural nuances in virtually every country. The good news is that, in order to recover your dividends, all we need is data and documentation. With these two resources we can apply our knowledge and experience to your claims, while you focus on your core business



An obsession with customer service and satisfaction as well as an authentic commitment to making this process hassle free, seamless and cost efficient for our clients.


We use cutting-edge technology and adhere to the strictest protocols. Our technology ensures all claims are handled efficiently, guaranteeing the highest level security and confidentiality for our clients.


We are so confident in our ability to reclaim your tax that we only charge a fee if your claim is recovered successfully


We take all the effort out of the claims process and ensure that every client receives individual attention. We manage the administrative burden and ensure a hassle-free seamless claim process


We have a global network of specialists, so wherever a claim needs to be made, out local teams are on the ground waiting to assist. These teams are able to meet any client’s specific needs and are experts in their local jurisdictions.


Not only will we ensure that the maximum possible recovery is secured, we will endeavour to do this in the shortest possible time.


Using our industry-leading technology, we have developed an online client portal that is simple and effective to use. This portal enables our clients to conveniently monitor the reclaim process in real time.


CB Tech was created by CB VAT to facilitate the solicitation, collection, processing and storage associated with the reclamation of foreign with holding tax.

CB Tech securely solicits, collects, processes, shares and stores confidential tax documentation connecting the various participants in the reclamation process.

Where appropriate, CB Tech eliminates the need to send paper from point A to point B and allows the easy sharing and reuse of tax documentation in its secure electronic environment.

Our CB Tech has been specifically designed for secure online and offline use. Our virtual and physical security options are designed to securely back up and store information, whether to the cloud or with CB VAT’s physically secured hardware.

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