About Us

About Us

We have a long and valued client list, benefit from a sound financial track record, enjoy excellent relations with the tax authorities and we are a respected player in the industry. We have been an active member of the International VAT Association since its foundation.

In many cases, we deliver up to 30% more value than any other VAT service provider in the world. With our expertise, proven processes and local presence, we have identified opportunities for VAT refunds in areas often ignored by other providers. Our winning methodology is woven into every step of the VAT recovery process. When you are spending hundreds and thousands on international business travel, every precent could yield significant savings.

CB VAT has a standard global approach represented through our network in Europe, US, Middle East , and Asia and every client has access to our international network of VAT experts via local offices. Our network consists of lawyers, accountants and business professionals with substantial experience in VAT refund and other tax recovery mechanisms within respected countries.

VAT Recovery is complex and time consuming. We make it simple for you. To correctly maximize your VAT reclaim needs time, expertise and proper systems. It demands good local relations with the tax authorities as well as keeping up with changing local VAT legislation and tax authority requirements. By letting CB VAT handle your VAT claims, you can just concentrate on your core business.

Let us show you how we can maximize your VAT refund

We will show you how much VAT you can recover from international business travel and activities. If you are already using another provider, we will show you how we can maximize your VAT refunds.